Runflat tyres and analogues

Manufacturers of automobile tires have long developed a technology that allows to move by car and after piercing the rubber. This type of tires greatly facilitates the operation of the cars especially on the track away from the station of the tire. In this article we will explain about modern production technologies secure tires.

Runflat Tyres

The most popular technology secure tires Runflat is. This technology appeared in 1973 when the car Austin Mini received its first Runflat tyres called Dunlop Denovo. 1973 was the starting to use secure tires Runflat in the civilian automotive industry. Such protected tires refuse to allow configuration of each car with a spare wheel, which eats considerable amount of space in the Luggage compartment.

History of technologies protected tires

The study of the technologies of secure tires began after the First world war. The use of pneumatic tires for trucks military was a big mistake. Such tires are easily penetrated by bullets or fragments. In the end, military equipment binding and became an easy target for the enemy. Engineers have found a way out of the situation in the application nanimation rubber and tires filled with foamed rubber. This material was highly elastic to absorb vibrations and shocks on the suspension of the vehicle from the surface. And at the same time the rubber was not afraid of punctures or bullets from firearms. Foam rubber was used in the Soviet Union. He was named hasmatik. In the modern world these tires are called tires with spongy camera. Such tires are easy to find in museums of military equipment since the great Patriotic war. Machine processing of camera not afraid of falling shell fragments or bullets, they always remained on the disk. However, for such tires it was impossible to move at high speed. That is why civil automobile they do not like.
Airless tires

Since 2000, global manufacturers of automobile tires began to think about technologies that can replace the standard pneumatic tire. French giant Michelin in 2005, has released Tweel airless tires, which consisted of a wire mesh structure on the base frame of carbon fiber, polyurethane and metal. The French manufacturer has proposed the use of such tires for civilian cars. Later, a similar airless tire project represented such manufacturers as Bridgestone, Hankook and Polaris. French company Michelin has promised in 2015 to release the first series of a serial of airless tires, but to mass production, it never came.

The design of airless tyre is highly versatile for city cars. The rigidity of the tire in transverse and longitudinal direction is not connected. Accordingly, on the bus, you can assign certain functions of the suspension that absorb the movement of the vehicle on a solid surface. So we can say that airless tires of the car may not be equipped with constant velocity joints, silentblock, ball bearings and other complex components of the suspension.

Tires for armored limousines

The great demand for protected tire is the manufacturer of armored vehicles. Some global manufacturers of tires offer models specifically for armored limousines. You can call the following models of tires PAX Michelin and Bridgestone Support Ring System. These tires consist of several component parts. First to the rim put on a special ring made of polymeric material. After this ring on the rim of the wheel fits over a standard pneumatic tyre. Thus a small air gap with a thickness of several centimeters between the polymer ring and the pneumatic tire itself. When the tyre is inflated, the car can travel at a maximum speed. If a puncture occurs or a cross of such tires, the car rides purely on the polymer rings mounted on the wheel rim. Such polymer rings, you can travel at the speed of 80 kilometers per hour with no loss of driveability. Accordingly, the protection of VIP-persons can take the car out of the danger zone.
It should be noted that market demand in the world got exactly the tires Runflat. They have already taken about 5% of the world market of tires. Probably, their share will only grow in the coming years.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно