Pickup Mercedes-Benz x-class first acquaintance

In Stockholm, the world premiere of the presented concept of the new truck Mercedes-Benz X-Class. He was shown in two versions: off-road version of version of Luxury. During the presentation of the concept Mercedes-Benz X-Class engineers of the German automotive company Mercedes-Benz from Stuttgart willingly gave interviews to journalists. It is possible to obtain much more information about this new product.
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At the Art Center Car Classic: Everything on wheels

The show designed by designers always has the coolest and most eclectic mix of cars
We have two Voisin and Delage, along with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Special Burton was replaced, but it is not pebble beach-and therefore nicely inflated 1932 three window coupe and a 1946 Cabover truck with a mid-mounted Keith black dragster engine. And it's the Grand National Roadster show, judging by the Zagato-designed tube-frame fiberglass Perana Z1 base engine ls3 surrounded by Huayra Pagani, and McLaren and original Callaway C16 Corvette convertible.

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