Ferrari 488 Spider Gets HRE Wheels, Armytrix Titanium Exhaust, Screams in Japan

The easy-access part of the tuning world is currently built on three pillars, namely wraps, be they solid or liquid, wheels and exhaust goodies. The Ferrari 488 Spider we're here to discuss ticks two of these boxes, while proudly displaying its custom bits over in Japan.
Ferrari 488 Spider Gets HRE Wheels, Armytrix Titanium Exhaust, Screams in Japan

We'll start with the supercar's wheels, as the 488 now rides on five-double-spoke HRE goodies. The Gold finish of the wheels comes to add a touch of color to what it otherwise a Black & White machine - the Spider follows a color scheme we're seeing on more and more Ferraris, with the upper side of the supercar ditching the main hue of the vehicle for a dark approach.
The wheels come with a concave profile (make that deep concave for the rear units), which makes them stand out even more.
As for the exhaust, Taiwan-based supplier Armytrix gifted the mid-engined machine with a titanium setup, which not only adds some extra decibels, but also allows the exotic to shed a bit of weight.
Then again, given the twin-turbo nature of the 3.9-liter V8 occupying the middle section of the car, this isn't one of those tuner clips that sees us wishing the music had been removed from the soundtrack of the video.
The timing for Armytrix dropping this video may not be a coincidence, as this week saw Ferrari introducing a tribute to its five decades of activity in the Land of the Rising Sun.
The nod came in the form of the J50, a limited edition that serves as the third body style of the 488 line-up. Alas, only ten customers will get to enjoy the charms of this 488 Targa, which also comes with completely redesigned front and rear ends - here's a live clip showing the J50 for those of you who missed the Prancing Horse's Tokyo debut.
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