2016 Ford Focus RS with Agency Power Exhaust Sounds Like an All-Out Racecar

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is no longer a fresh addition to Blue Oval dealerships and yet the aftermarket side of the industry hasn't reduced its efforts to gift the spicy hatchback, with the latest tale of this kind coming from Agency Power.
2016 Ford Focus RS with Agency Power Exhaust Sounds Like an All-Out Racecar

The Arizona-based company has come up with a complete custom approach for the Mk III Focus RS, offering two versions. The first caters to the needs of those who just want a bit of extra aural delights, using a rear muffler that packs a valve system allowing the exhaust to offer more than one dB approach.
As for the second solution offered by the tuning company, this comes with the "Race" tag, but, unlike many of its kind, doesn't skip the catalytic converters, which means it remains street legal.
This is an important aspect, as we've seen plenty of examples of decatted tuner cars being used on the street, a practice that can draw negative attention on the custom car community altogether.
The hardware described here mixes a high-flow cat downpipe and a rear muffler delete, with the result being downright manic, as you'll be able to notice in the clip.
The tuning realm has accustomed us to plenty of bragging-style announcements, which is why the tuner wanted to make things clear. As such, the company delivered the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, which showcases the abilities of both systems.
We are offered a comparison that involves both revving and take-off samples, so the aural side of this video delivers quite a spectacle.
As a reminder, we'll mention the SEMA show saw the new Focus RS reaching the 500 hp border, while we're still waiting for more development of this type. For instance, Hennessey Performance still hasn't delivered on its promise to gift us with a 500-pony RS... [/i]
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