2016 Ford Focus RS with EGO-X Exhaust Delivers Autobahn Top Speed Soundcheck

With custom exhaust development being more popular than ever these days, we've brought you tons of such tales and yet few of the aftermarket developers that play this game take the time to record in-cabin scenes for the clips they deliver.
2016 Ford Focus RS with EGO-X Exhaust Delivers Autobahn Top Speed Soundcheck

Perhaps tuners prefer to play the extrovert card, expecting those who acquire their goodies to be more concerned about the soundtrack those outside their cars are treated with.
Regardless, we're happy to be able to bring you a follow-up for a 2016 Ford Focus RS custom exhaust tale we delivered exactly one month ago. The spicy hatch we're dealing with is the 2016 Ford Focus RS, a machine that has received plenty of aftermarket bits and pieces despite its young age.
The particular example we have here comes with an EGO-X exhaust. Having been delivered by German developer HG Motorsport, the goodie has the ability to gift the uber-compact with an impressive decibel boost, as we found out when we introduced the development.
Well, the new clip showcasing the exhaust, which you can find at the bottom of the page, takes us inside the EGO-X Ford Focus RS.
And this isn't the revving-only kind of video. Instead, we get the full enchilada, as the RS model is taken to the German Autobahn, where the fast Ford goes for a top speed run.
From the intense launch-control moment (we've all see how vicious the Mk III Focus RS' launch can be in a drag race) to the higher gears acceleration moments, this clip allows us to get a good idea on the in-car experience topic.
We'll remind you this is an exhaust setup that features sound-controlling valves, so if you're willing to dip into the daily driver potential of the third-gen Ford Focus RS, the screaming exhaust won't stand in the way.
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