2016 Ford Focus RS with Agency Power Exhaust Sounds Like a Freaking Rally Car

If we were to make a list of the top already-fast cars that have been heavily targeted by the tuning world this year, the Mk III Focus RS would definitely make it to the podium.
2016 Ford Focus RS with Agency Power Exhaust Sounds Like a Freaking Rally Car

The latest aftermarket destined for the compact, which received The Hot Hatch Of the Moment title in our review, comes from Agency Power. The Arizona-based developer has delivered a piece of footage that showcases its exhaust system for the RS in real-life action.
The hardware being put to use here involves a high-flow downpipe and a three-inch cat back exhaust system. We do have a gripe with the system, though, as dismissing the exhaust valves threatens the daily driver aura of the RS.
"The Agency Power Exhaust features a straight through 3" design that bypasses the OEM exhaust valve making the driving experience of the Focus RS raw & untamed! All of the factory drive modes such as Sport, Track and Drift remain fully functional and the incredible crackle and pop is even better than before," the tuner explains.
We'll remind you that the said aftermarket developer actually has a two-sided approach for the 350-pony compact, one that involves a daily driving-friendly setup and a scheme that seems to come from the racing world.
The exhaust soundtrack isn't necessarily an issue with the third-gen Focus RS, even though the voice of the hot hatchback doesn't raise to the overall standad of the car - turbo-fours can't go past a certain standard on the decibel front, which is why we're cutting the Blue Oval machine some slack here. Even so, the otherwise mind-blowing hot hatch has other aspects that need to be improved - for one thing, the cabin could do with more RS touches.
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