Golf GTI RS Has Rocket Bunny Fenders, Working Aero

Forget the Clubsport S, Sam Dobbins's custom car is the most extreme GTI on the planet. It's got Porsche's RS lettering on the side and truck, and it's all justified.
Golf GTI RS Has Rocket Bunny Fenders, Working Aero

The list of mods is pretty long, but the bold impact wouldn't be possible without the visual impact of the Rocket Bunny kit. It's a bit counter-intuitive, since the GTI is a FWD car and the fenders are much wider at the back. But that's what you need for the 911 GT3 RS look.
Rocket Bunny kits require drastic mods to be made. Both the front and the rear fenders have to be drilled and riveted into so that the add-ons can be attached. The look is amplified by the adjustable front spoiler. But were it not for the insane aero at the back, this might have ended up looking as sleek as an Apple wireless mouse. But I don't think there's another GTI with a working diffuser and racing exhaust like that.
"A few months ago I embarked on the journey of building the VW GTI RS with my pal, Swoops (SwoopsBUILT), in Oceanside, New York. What began life (at 1200 miles on the clock) as a wrecked Mk7 GTI escalated quickly, and before I knew it I had a saw in-hand and was cutting into the side of the car," says Sam, who is Vossen's photojournalist.
Just like the rest of the car, the Vossen Forged VPS-317 tri-spoke wheels show a lot of attention to detail. Wrapped in Nitto INVO tires (285-30-19 F+R) and measuring 19×11″ front and rear, the split three spoke design was picked to fit the Japanese body kit, paying tribute to the kingpin to drift cars of the 90s.
Inside, the GTI RS the aggressive track inspiration continues, with Statüs Racing’s carbon fiber ICON GTX seats, trimmed in dark red leather and gray Alcantara.
A custom 4-point roll cage is welded into the 2-door, reinforcing the body and deleting the rear seat, while bespoke seat brackets and floor pans were created to eliminate clutter.
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