Sergio Marchione Appears To Be Considering Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team

Alfa Romeo’s return to Formula 1 has been discussed many times in the three decades since the company left the sport.
Sergio Marchione Appears To Be Considering Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team

The latest discussion was started in Italy, where Sergio Marchionne spoke to the journalists of La Repubblica. Among other discussions, the Alfa Romeo name was put on the table, and Formula 1 was mentioned yet again.
This time, instead of simply talking about “considering Alfa Romeo’s return to Formula 1,” Mr. Marchionne spoke about possible development directions for the team.
Instead of challenging Ferrari, another brand owned by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, but turned into a separate entity, the Alfa Romeo team would have a different role in Formula 1.
According to Marchionne, the team could become a proving ground for F1 juniors. A reference was made to the Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi, who will undertake a third driver role for the 2017 season at Scuderia Ferrari.
Giovinazzi would be the first Italian driver in many years to sign a deal with Ferrari. The last Italian to race a Ferrari in Formula 1 was Giancarlo Fisichella, who stood in for Felipe Massa in 2009, after the Brazilian’s injury.
The discussed Formula One entry for Alfa Romeo could bring more Italian drivers in Formula 1, as long as they prove talented enough to get a chance at the most expensive division of motorsport.
It is unclear whether Mr. Marchionne wants to focus on promoting junior Italian drivers, such as Antonio Giovinazzi, or if the intentions with the said Alfa Romeo team for Formula 1 will go further. While Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand to its core, it would be slightly discriminatory just to choose drivers because they are born in the same country.
Since Mr. Marchionne leads a multi-national consortium between an American and an Italian corporation, one could never suspect the FCA’s chairman of such discrimination.
Instead, if the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ever comes back under Sergio’s rain, the drivers could be chosen on their talent, which might do some good for the brand, along with the benefits brought to the sport.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно