Spectator Dead After Being Hit By WRC Car At 2017 Monte Carlo Rally

The first WRC race of the 2017 season started yesterday evening in Monte Carlo, but it was abruptly paused before all of the competitors drove through the first stage.
Spectator Dead After Being Hit By WRC Car At 2017 Monte Carlo Rally

The cause of the extended intermission, which was followed by the cancellation of the first stage, was an accident that led to the death of a spectator. The incident occurred during Hayden Paddon’s run on the first special stage, which takes place in night conditions on the icy mountain roads.
Paddon was close to the end of the stage when his car slid wide under braking before a left-hand corner. As the driver explained, the car caught some black ice, which made it snap sideways, and turned the crew into “passengers.” The Hyundai i20 WRC was sliding rear-first and hit a bank with the rear-right corner, Autosport notes.
The impact led to a spin in the air, and it all stopped with the vehicle on its side. Hyundai’s Motorsport team announced the crew was not injured, but everyone quickly learned that a spectator was injured.
As you can view in the video embedded below and in the photo gallery, a man was squatting on the outer side of the left-hand turn, and it appears that he was the one that was struck by the Hyundai i20 WRC. The impact made the spectator pass out, and emergency services then rescued him and airlifted to a hospital in Nice. Unfortunately, the observer - who was initially believed to be a photographer -deceased at the hospital. It was later determined that the casualty was a spectator because he did not have any media credentials.
We would like to note that motorsport is dangerous, and that sitting on the outside of a corner, even before an apex, is forbidden at any rally. The inside of a corner is equally dangerous in some cases, and the best idea is to keep your distance and observe things from a safe spot that is parallel to the course.
Out of respect, Hyundai has decided to withdraw Hayden Paddon and John Kennard from the 2017 Monte Carlo Rally. The team and the crew are saddened to learn about the casualty, and have transmitted their condolences to the family and friends of the person involved.
Spectator Dead After Being Hit By WRC Car At 2017 Monte Carlo Rally
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