Volkswagen' MQB Plan Will Make Golf 8 and Golf 9 Share Underpinnings

Volkswagen’s brand chief, Herbert Diess, has told German media that the company will continue to employ the MQB architecture for another two generations.
Volkswagen' MQB Plan Will Make Golf 8 and Golf 9 Share Underpinnings

The decision translates to a continual use of the technical solution launched in 2012 to well after 2020. Volkswagen expects to achieve significant savings thanks to this decision, without hindering the development of its models.
In other words, the "Modularer QuerBaukasten" from Volkswagen is supposed to be used for about 10 years or so to keep costs low because of another cost-cutting solution employed a while back - the defeat device. In case you forgot, the Volkswagen Group deployed a cheating scheme for its diesel engines to save money on development costs.
Because of its financial troubles caused by getting caught and having to fix the damage it caused, the VW Group will apply another cost cutting solution. Hopefully, stretching the MQB for two more generations of cars will lead to the result desired by the German company instead of tapping the last nail in its coffin.
If Volkswagen somehow gets caught with some other cheating scheme or gets into other kinds of trouble, the automaker could wind up in a world of trouble, so that MQB platform ought to be as future-proof as they come, because many jobs rely on this corporation.
Thanks to the new platform sharing scheme, which will depend on the MQB for most cars in the Volkswagen portfolio, the Golf 7 will share its underpinnings with the Golf 8, and the Golf 9 will not stray too far from this solution either. As some of you already know, the MQB platform is modular, so different components could be added, subtracted, or significantly modified.
The MQB solution is not unique in the automotive industry in concept, but VW seems to have picked the winning ticket with this one, because it will fit anything from the Polo to the Touareg.
The whole modular part is crucial here, because Volkswagen will install this platform in almost all of its passenger cars in the coming decade or so. Multiple wheelbases, track sizes, and overhangs are among the strong points of the MQB.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно