Rolls-Royce and BMW Recall Ghost, 5 GT, 7 Series Over Airbag Sensor

Premium, luxury, and ultra-luxury manufacturers are no strangers to safety recalls. Case in point: the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. Now, however, BMW and Rolls-Royce are in the spotlight due to a software bug of an airbag sensor.
Rolls-Royce and BMW Recall Ghost, 5 GT, 7 Series Over Airbag Sensor

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Succeeding an 110,000-forceful airbag-associated commemoration in Nippon, the hot potato at the centre of this protection honour is “a code inaccuracy in the yield of a device at the businessperson.” Agreement with the European producer and possessor of Turn over and over-Royce, the airbag device power packages inexact information to the airbag bridle entity before- and ass-bound pile-up. Alongside inexact information, BMW make reference to to the being that the airbag energy not deploy in the ceremony of a smash-up.
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