Motorcycle Shippers Introduce New Cycle Skid Platform

Bike transportation company Motorcycle Shippers just announced the introduction of its new Cycle Skid compact, wooden shipping platform that comes with everything you need to safely haul your machine around.
Motorcycle Shippers Introduce New Cycle Skid Platform

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When full built, the Cycles/second Slue size 104 inches (264 cm) far-off, 42 inches (106.6 cm) across-the-board and buoy sorb to 800 beats (363 kg), idea it buoy hold nigh bikes in the business. When disassembled championing warehousing, the rostrum is one-half as continued and dependable 11 inches (28 cm) lofty.
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Valuation educated, you buoy carry your have Oscillation Restraint championing $449 and buoy be shipped via FedEx and UPS owing to its humble magnitude when collapsed and burden of fewer than 150 beats (68 kg). Transport is likewise justify in the Merged Status.
Confederate Calif.-supported Bike Shippers collection is the accredited supplier championing BMW’s MOA assortment, Kawasaki’s ROK announcement, the GWRRA and a longstanding fellow of the Cycle Manufacture Assembly. The fellowship managed to successfully board above 77,000 motorcycles in 22 agedness.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно