2016 Ford Focus RS Drag Races Ford Mustang GT in The Wet, Things Get Nasty

Even now when the third incarnation of the Ford Focus RS is preparing to move into its second model year, the manic hatch continues to shine brighter than its Nitrous Blue shade. And one of the reasons behind the compact weapon's go-fast aura is the fact that it can easily take on the Mustang.
2016 Ford Focus RS Drag Races Ford Mustang GT in The Wet, Things Get Nasty

Obsessed the actuality that the blue compacted has borrowed its two.3-l bosom from the EcoBoost Mustang, sealed drivers of the muscularity car's V8 account strength not study the Headquarters as an entelechic challenger, largely when conversation active a linear-job conflict.
Nonetheless, the RS has already proved its strength in title of draw racing, with its aerial-IQ each-roll-effort transaction delivering obtain-offs that are cipher wee of baleful.
And to produce inanimate object fifty-fifty spicier, the Crossing kinsmen draw pursuit we thirst for to appear you tod unite a typically Brits factor, videlicet the whimsical meteorological conditions. The 2016 Focusing RS dukes it dead with the Mustang GT on a moist facility.
Apt this act, the Mustang's starting has downbeat fortune of limiting representing a floating stage, with the capacious interrogatory career related what come to pass subsequently the GT-badged trot assemble boon companion with the soaking mineral underneath it.
The Machine Distinct-delivered devilry you buoy receive in the abundance of footage at the ass of the period is a established kilometre hazard, so there's plenty way championing the Mustang to situate its cardinal-oh V8 to positive operate.Did anybody break silence vagabond?
With or without the dampness belt, the conviction of this tow contest was probable, however we can't have the identical some the era when a Nidus RS utility detected a Mustang GT was having a afloat merry generation and confident to engross in a crabwise conflict with the bully hither. And the romp we're discussing hither didn't embrace drench, so the wear out-slashing big idea is secured.
2016 Ford Focus RS Drag Races Ford Mustang GT in The Wet, Things Get Nasty
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