Michelin Unveils New Power RS Sport Tires

Planning to change your sportbike tires for the upcoming 2017 season? Michelin is introducing a new bike tire model and claims to be the new sport motorcycle road tire benchmark from now on, targeting the most discerning riders and providing new levels of traction and stability.
Michelin Unveils New Power RS Sport Tires

Michelin North America is introducing the newest tire model to its high-performance range in 2017. Named the Michelin Power RS, the new model was first introduced at the Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix this year and is said to combine high levels of dry-weather grip, agility, stability, and superior handling performance to create the only tire you will need.
The unearthly claimed performance comes from the fact that it uses new rubber compounds, some of which are derived from racing, along with a new tire casing design. None of these new groundshaking technologies are shown in the release as mere mortals like us won't be able to comprehend such technology and we'll just have to take it as granted.
The rear tire uses a patented construction which benefits from the all new Michelin Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT+) which provides excellent straight-line and cornering stability.
There will be 11 different sizes available, front and rear, covering a broad range of motorcycles, from 250 cc learner to liter sportbikes so everyone can enjoy the said enormous amounts of grip and stability.
Front tires will be available in 110/70-ZR17 54W; 120/60-ZR17 55W; 120/70-ZR17 58W. For the rear, you will be able to choose from 150/60-ZR17 66W; 160/60-ZR17 69W; 180/55-ZR17 73W; 180/60-ZR17 75W; 190/50-ZR17 73W; 190/55-ZR17 75W; 200/55-ZR17 78W and 240/45-ZR17 82W.
All will be available starting January 2017, and we’ll have to wait until then to see how good they perform under real road conditions. Until then, there’s one thing we are sure about - they do look the part thanks tot that interesting form-meets-function tread design.
No video or price are available for the moment, just a bunch of photos with the new tires equipping various new sportbikes you can see in the attached gallery.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно