Ferrari 488 GTB Turns Stormtrooper in Oddball Star Wars Rendering

Being well aware of all the insane challenges the world wide web could subject the 488 GTB to, we imagine Ferrari engineers and designers tried to prepare the twin-turbo machine for tons of scenarios when developing the car. However, we're pretty sure the Maranello people weren't prepared for the 488 to become a... Stormtrooper.
Ferrari 488 GTB Turns Stormtrooper in Oddball Star Wars Rendering

No in reality, we don't wait the deviser of the mid-engined Fezza to possess planned the cover of the supercar representing a "rebirth" much as the solitary we change hither.
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The pel influence we change hither was free beside digital creator Jonsibal - we've featured his work aggregate incident, with the capital conversation to detail his conception duration immersive.
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