Vintage Instructional Riding Video Shows You Not Much Has Changed

Older riders might know this short instructional video, but the young generation might be surprised seeing it. Why? Because it shows you that riding a motorcycle and the risks involved in such an activity haven’t changed that much in 40 years.
Vintage Instructional Riding Video Shows You Not Much Has Changed

Crash in a car from the ‘60s at 40 mph and you might be dead. Do the same thing in a modern one, and you’ll most probably walk away unharmed. That’s how much the four-wheeled vehicles changed.
However, when it comes to motorcycles, you can count the safety improvements on your fingers... on one hand. All the new-age motorcycle safety now revolves around traction control, ABS, and better riding gear, meaning that the rider still plays a major factor when it comes to risk.
That and the drivers around. You might be thinking that drivers today are too distracted because of smartphones and they are not able to quickly spot a motorcycle. Well, 40 or so years ago, things were almost the same.
Although motorcycles were getting popular back then, drivers were not accommodated to the idea they are present in traffic. And being so small compared to cars, they were just as hard to spot.
And let’s not forget we talk about an era when most cars had only one exterior rearview mirror. We now have ones that warn you when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot, yet still, drivers are cutting off riders in adjacent lanes.
So, after all these years of progress, it is still upon you, the rider, to be more responsible and more aware than the average traffic participants to stay safe on a motorcycle.
That is achieved with extra training and practice. Your local motorcycle school has touted you on how to ride a bike, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. No bike training program can prepare you for every possible traffic situation you’ll face.
It is all up to you. Continuously practice your swerving maneuvers, emergency braking technique, and road-reading ability. Always focus on riding and don’t let your mind adrift. Constantly scan the traffic and the road ahead but never forget to check your rear.
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