Koenigsegg Asks Its Employees to Configure Regeras, Here's a Purple Carbon One

Koenigsegg's top priority for 2017 has to do with fully bringing its latest velocity tool, the Regera, to the market. The 1,500 hp hybrid has made its debut last year and now the time has come for it to settle into the real world.
Koenigsegg Asks Its Employees to Configure Regeras, Here's a Purple Carbon One

The latest step down this path sees the Swedish automaker inviting its staff to configure their Regeras. And since many of us enjoy relaxing before going to bed by playing the configurator game [insert your favorite brand here], we applaud the initiative.
The hostilities kicked off earlier this month, when Angelholm's word-wielding man, Steven Wade, came up with a Purple Carbon example of the transmissionless machine:
"Vöx will laugh at me (as might a million others), but I've chosen a purple carbon exterior finish, with white striping and clear carbon side intakes. I'm a massive Prince fan (still grieving) and I've always loved our cars in purple. I was tempted to go with gold leaf stripes, like the purple/gold combination of chassis 7094, but I think the gold works better with paint rather than tinted carbon,"
Since we're talking about the company's communications guy, the separate description dedicated to the cabin doesn't come as a surprise:
"Inside I've gone for 'snow' leather with a basket weave pattern on the seats. Yes, anyone who got into the car would have to be impeccably clean. The stitching on these seats is blue, but it'd be purple on the real thing. White calipers behind my carbon wheels finish the look,"
We're sure that, right now, many of you wonder who Vöx is. We're talking about Mattias Vöcks. When he's not assembling Koenigseggs, the man likes to come up with wicked projects such as the 600 hp 1967 Amazon, a Ferrari-slaying restomod that once held the title of Sweden's hottest Volvo - we added a video at the bottom of the page, to refresh your memory as far as the Prancing Horse brawl is concerned.
The second Regera configuration came from Johan B, Sales Director for continental Europe and the Nordic countries. Spoiler alert - you should be prepared for a beverage-infused take on the matter:
"Johan has chosen a Bordeaux tinted carbon finish with a clear carbon centre section accented by gold leaf striping. Johan has French roots and the deep red finish will be like driving around in a glass of fine French red wine (with no blood-alcohol content, of course!!) The interior is a creamy cappucino/coffee colour combination,"
Sure, these configurations are but a dream, but we're talking about a dream that's part of the 80-unit hypercar magic surrounding the machine.
This is the point where we'd normally ask you to go out and play. However, despite the idea of a Koenigsegg configurator floating around for quite a while now, it seems we still have some waiting to do before such a feature shows up.
Meanwhile, US aftermarket wheel developer Vossen offers us an alternative, with the specialist's wheel configurator offering us a taste of such a process.
Koenigsegg Asks Its Employees to Configure Regeras, Here's a Purple Carbon One
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