Ferrari F12tdf Successor In The Works, Could Get LaFerrari-Inspired Hybrid

Ferrari’s F12tdf, a car that was sold-out shortly after being revealed, will get a successor that is expected to have a hybrid drive train.
Ferrari F12tdf Successor In The Works, Could Get LaFerrari-Inspired Hybrid

While Ferrari has embraced turbocharging for its V8 units, the V12 unit of this car is supposed to roar in its successor in a naturally-aspirated configuration. Due to upcoming emissions regulations, Ferrari will have to switch things up to get away with a 6.3-liter engine, and a hybrid setup seems like the best solution for the Italian brand.
For the moment, there is no clear timeline for the successor of the F12 or its variations, but it is clear that it will come to the market within the next three years. Just like the LaFerrari, the F12’s successor is expected to get a mild-hybrid system, which is enough to boost performance and fuel economy, without withering the character of the car.
The supposed hybrid solution could be the HY-KERS unit, which provided 163 HP whenever needed. In the case of the LaFerrari, that solution managed to reduce the fuel consumption by approximately 40% when compared to an equivalent, while also boosting performance.
Even though the weight of the car has increased by the addition of the system, Ferrari kept the scales reasonable with extensive use of carbon fiber, which is something that is sure to happen with the F12' replacement.
It is believed that the F12’s successor will not receive the exact hybrid setup of the LaFerrari, but that is mainly because the latter has a mid-rear engine configuration, while the former features a mid-front mounted engine. We are sure Ferrari’s engineers will sort things out with their next front-engined coupe.
Since no prototypes have been spotted on the road, it is likely that Ferrari has kept this car under wraps in its typical fashion, using the Fiorano test track. However, they will have to drive it on public roads, and in various weather conditions to fine-tune its characteristics, so expect to see the successor of the F12 on the road in a prototype form sometime in 2017 or 2018.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно