Audi Prologue Concept Spotted Driving in LA

The Audi Prologue Concept cost a lot of money to put together. So we were rather surprised to see that instead of being gingerly placed on a trailer after its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, it was taken onto the streets of Beverly Hills.
Audi Prologue Concept Spotted Driving in LA

Under the escort of local police, the concept car took to the streets, driving slowly but surely. The video below shows some sort of camera crew tracking its every move.
The Prologue is only a concept, but speculation is rampant and suggests a production version is coming in 2017 under the the A9 banner.This is like an RS7, only better
Unlike most concept cars we've seen the past year, the Audi Prologue is powered by a 4.0 TFSI twin-turbo V8 pushing 605 HP through quattro all-wheel drive. Hearing it "in person" from this live video, we find that it sounds like a cross between the RS7 and throatier AMG V8s, which exactly what you want for a new flagship model. It also rides on massive 22-inch alloy wheels and has a very sober silver paintjob.
The visual "experience" is dominated by thin, crisp lines throughout the headlights and taillights. This large coupe concept still has conventional wing mirrors, but the door handles have been shaved off and replaced with a touch-sensitive surface. Inside, there are hints of both present and future Audi models. The all-digital dash is similar to the one in the new TT, while the steering wheel is like the one in the next Q7 SUV. But beyond that, Audi has also installed a 3D color display into the dash and reduced the number of buttons to an absolute minimum.
So what do we think of this fanciful new coupe that everybody is talking about? Well, it's got a lot going for it, but it only builds on the things that define the Audi brand already – tech, sharp lines and understated design. After the novelty value wears off, it's not any more special than an S63 AMG Coupe that's already in production. Still, not everybody wants to buy a Mercedes. [/i]
Audi Prologue Concept Spotted Driving in LA
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