Fisker Rocket by Galpin Auto Sports is a 725 HP Ford Mustang

This, ladies and gentlemen with appreciation for all things Mustang, is not just the typical tricked out pony. What the peeps from Galpin Auto Sports did with this 2015 Mustang fastback is laborious, requiring lots of custom made parts and elbow grease.
Fisker Rocket by Galpin Auto Sports is a 725 HP Ford Mustang

But the Fisker Rocket Mustang isn’t the baby of Galpin Auto Sports alone. Henrik Fisker got the aesthetic ABCs on paper. If that bloke’s name doesn’t ring a bell to you, let’s just say he’s the dude that penned the Fisker Karma, the BMW Z8 roadster, the initial design for the Tesla Model S and the exquisite Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage grand tourers.
Henrik is an all-time great automotive designer and it shows with this heavily modified ‘Stang. If you look at the Fisker Rocket from its sides, then yes, it reminds you of a 2015 Ford Mustang in GT fastback guise, but similarities between the two ponies end right there. Just look at that bottom feeding fish-like front fascia, extra lights incorporated in the radiator grille, black go-faster stripes, the two nostrils on the hood and the edgy lip spoiler up front.Mustang dreams are made of this
Leaving the hexagonal grille behind, we can see sculpted wheel arches and pumped up fenders on the sides, along with carbon fiber side skirts and a couple of go-faster vents slotted between the doors and rear wheels. We don’t really fancy the blingy 21-inch ADV.1 alloy wheels, but the carbon fiber round the rear and aerodynamic diffuser are just what the ‘Stang doctor ordered.
Although detailed performance add-ons aren’t available, we can tell you that the 5.0 V8 has been supercharged to 725 HP. With great surprise, the interior wasn’t over-modded with all the flashy things tuners usually love. Instead you have red leather, some carbon fiber and sill plates that read “Rocket”.
The car that debuted at the LA Auto Show is the first example of a low-volume series, with first deliveries beginning in early 2015. Interested buyers will have the option of purchasing a car through Galpin Ford. [/i]скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно