Corvette Grand Sport Takes on Lotus Evora 400 in Friendly Track Battle

Putting a small, lightweight British sportscar against a Corvette is childish and slightly nationalist. It's also what Top Gear used to do all the time, so we know that you guys will love seeing the Lotus Evora and the Grand Sport duking it out.
Corvette Grand Sport Takes on Lotus Evora 400 in Friendly Track Battle

Motor Trend magazine recently tested the Gran Sport against the new Porsche 911 with the turbos and all that, concluding that it's the best Corvette ever built. This isn't like that video, as the atmosphere is friendlier. One great example of that is the venue: a little track near Southwest Michigan called GingerMan Raceway, designed with the safety of amateurs in mind.
Even though the Grand Sport is the dominant predator here, you've got to give it up to Lotus. For the first time in what seems like forever, they've reported a profit this year. The Evora 400, which can finally be sold in America, could be a big part of that.
So, the Evora 400 - what's that all about? It's familiar, sure, but not like the old car. Lotus has re-engineered about 60% of the parts on this car. The big ones include the whole front end, which has been redesigned, and the lower sills, making it easier to get in and out of. The 400 horsepower supercharged (Toyota) V6 engine makes it slightly faster to 100 km/h (62 mph_ than the Porsche Cayman GT4. However, the muscular Corvette is an entirely different story.
Even though the Grand Sport does without the supercharged V8 from the Z06, it's still faster in a straight line, as proven by the drag race. But the Evora 400 scores one back for Lotus by being having superior braking, despite the carbon ceramic rotors optional rotors installed on the Corvette.
If you're a fan of the Z06, but without the power, the Grand Sport is the car for you. Its upgrades include a specially tuned aero body, an electronic LSD, 14.6-inch Brembo brakes, magnetic ride suspension and a wider track with 325x20s rubbers out back. Unlike the Lotus, it can be fitted with heated seats, Apple CarPlay a Bose audio system.

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