Jaguar F-Pace – test-drive

The story of the creation of the Jaguar F-Pace

The crossover segment of the global automotive market is expanding every year at a rapid pace. Customers have recognized the main advantages of SUVs compared to ordinary passenger sedans, hatchbacks and station wagons. Crossover makes it easy to boost the city's borders, to travel on easy roads for a picnic in the weekend. That is why all the major global automotive manufacturers have long entered in their lineups model crossovers. However, there are car manufacturers who have in its range of crossover models. One such automobile manufacturers, until recently, was the Jaguar, a member of the British automotive company Jaguar Land Rover.

The company Jaguar has realized that to compete with German car brands is useless without the presence of crossover models in its range. In the European market preferences of buyers has shifted from the wagon from the hatchback in the direction of the crossovers. The British had to build a crossover on the platform of the sedan and given it excellent handling. The new crossover from Jaguar was not supposed to be a hulking bear. Behind the wheel of the new Jaguar crossover, the client should feel like driving a sports sedan which was always the model of Jaguar. By the way, the British concern Jaguar Land Rover brand range Rover long been producing SUVs and crossovers. However, it was considered to be brutal and incapable of control on the track. That is why it was necessary to create a new crossover model under Jaguar brand.

Jaguar has released a midsize crossover sport one of the latest of the automotive brands in Europe. So the new Jaguar F-Pace already has a large number of competitors: Porsche Macan, Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, and many others.

Design The Jaguar F-Pace

New sports crossover Jaguar F-Pace has got aluminum modular platform iQ from the XE and XF sedans. The British was immediately surprised by all of its competitors. They have created the lightest sporty crossover in the midsize premium segment of the market. Jaguar F-Pace in the base diesel version has a curb weight of 1775 pounds. For example, the base BMW X3 weighs in at 1820 kg, the Mercedes-Benz GLC has a kerb weight of 1845 kilograms.

The bodyshell of the new sports crossover Jaguar F-Pace also has a high ground clearance of 213 mm. And the corresponding height – 1652 mm. Despite these dimensions, apparently the new Jaguar F-Pace looks very graceful. The front of this crossover is very much like the XE and XF sedans. And rear optics as if taken from a sports coupe Jaguar F-Type.

The Interior Of The Jaguar F-Pace

Despite such extravagant appearance, a new sports crossover Jaguar F-Pace got a pretty classic interior. This is a unification with the other models of Jaguar and Land Rover in various parts. On the front of the driver's door immediately noticeable that the buttons of the power Windows are placed on the upper part of the map, which has wide window sills. Jaguar F-Pace offers a relaxed fit driver and front passenger. However, very uncomfortable to be the center armrest, which has no adjustments. The driver's seat can be lowered so that the driver will not feel the difference between a sedan and a crossover. And landing will be very deep, as in a sports coupe. On the dashboard and the door cards are quite a lot of parts from tough and rigid plastic. Expensive configuration the Jaguar F-Pace will receive a fully sewn into the leather all the plastic parts of the interior.
New Incontrol Touch Pro, equipped with Quad-core processor, and now controls almost all functions of the car. You can change the touch 10-inch screen. However, it is worth noting that the new Incontrol Touch Pro too often inhibits. This system from BMW and Mercedes-Benz is significantly faster.

In the back seats easily and comfortably accommodate passengers with a growth of 180 centimeters. This new Jaguar F-Pace is considerably better than models Porsche Macan and BMW X4. In connection with the installation of the Russian specifications Jaguar F-Pace full-size spare wheel, Luggage compartment volume is reduced to 500 litres. This size corresponds to the C-class sedans.

Jaguar F-Pace in motion

Marketing company Jaguar believe that half of the buyers of the new crossover Jaguar F-Pace will be the first owners of cars of this British brand. In this regard, the company's engineers retuned the suspension and transmission of the new crossover Jaguar F-Pace to not mind him regular customers, and were pleased with the drive new customers.

The new crossover Jaguar F-Pace lies RWD platform. This means that front-wheel drive, the system will connect using the electronically controlled fluid couplings. She can throw on the front end to 50% of torque for just 165 milliseconds. Rear-wheel drive orientation system all-wheel drive Jaguar F-Pace improves cornering. This crossover should be possible to swing the stern in turn, surprising his passengers. Set of 20-inch alloy wheels are generally not suitable for Russian roads. It is best to choose the Jaguar F-Pace nna 18-inch wheel disks.
Even with the basic two-liter turbodiesel capacity of 180 horsepower, a new Jaguar crossover F-Pace will go. The maximum torque of the turbodiesel is 430 Nm. Even with it, you will feel a certain kick in your seat with a sharp start.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно